♡Mommy ♡Daughter♡ Day

♡ Mommy ♡ Daughter ♡Personal ♡ Words and Sayings my own Mother told Me and Ones I made for My Daughter ♡

My mother once said to me when I was a little girl..” of all the beauty in the world, What do you think is the most beautiful?”

“A Princess is the most beautiful thing I think” I said. My mom says back “Well, yes a Princess is very Beautiful, but what makes her so beauitiful?” “Is it her hair of Gold? Her long flowing dress she is wearing? Maybe the features on her face…or could it be her sparkly white teeth and gentle smile? “.. “NO IT’S NONE OF THOSE THINGS my dear” it’s her mind that’s full of all the beauty because her thoughts and memories she is made of is all the beauty in the world.”

Real words
told to me From my OWN Mother

My mother used to always say (Whenever one of us was upset or mad before bed, at one another) “Never go to bed Mad Amber, because you never know what could happen and the last thing you would remember is this argument and us fighting…!” So she would always hug me & say Sorry and “I love you” which really always did make me think…so I made sure from then on that in an argument I always said it back and I say it to all my children each time before bed now if we are ever upset with one another as well.

Real words
told to me from my OWN Mother

Words I Wrote For My Own Daughter When She Was Born :

Today I see a very tiny baby before me in this big world. She has a tiny nose, tiny hands with tiny fingers, a very small heart, little feet with tiny toes, that curl around my fingers.

She has small eyes and tiny ears but once I look a little closer… I see those little hands holding onto something tightly. I see everything before me so tiny quickly turning so big and So full of life that the tiny isn’t what I even see anymore, her very small eyes will start seeing something big one day, seeing life in her own way,

That very small heart turning so big that it will make all your problems melt away. Those little feet will start to walk down such long roads…full of the many journeys ahead, that will always lead her home. Journey’s I hope will never be too hard,then I know as I fade back into now..where this tiny baby before me,

That what she will be is all that I was but much more, she will be better. She’ll be much wiser, much kinder and even braver along the way because her mother will never leave her side, never stop listening to her, never stop loving her no matter what and all through this huge world, I will always be her home. Always and Forever!

Personal Words of my own to my Daughter.


These are all things fun that we did and you all can do too when you want some fun, laughs and quality time with your little one!

  • Mommy- Daughter Yoga Poses That We Did That Are Easy Enough For Beginners & Are Really Fun To Try.
  • DIY Word Game
  • Here Are Just A Few Songs We ♡ To Dance To That Are Pretty Upbeat And Fun Favorites 🎴
  • A Yummy Smoothie We Made Together With Recipe For You.
  • Fun Play Ideas That We Each Chose For Our Mommy-Daughter Day

Some Mommy-Daughter Time Hanging out & Just Being “Girls “😄

My Daughter Truly Is My Best Friend!♡♡♡

My hair was a complete mess as a 6 year old wanted to “Brush” (or rat) my hair LOL but was a memory we made that Her and I will cherish forever:) I highly suggest doing one of these days with your little one!! So much fun💜


These are just a few among the TON of other ones that get us up and twirling around the house with laughter and smiles. Dancing is so fun and round is also amazing cardio!! Dancing is so fun and round is also amazing cardio!!

  • Chandelier
  • Diamond
  • Girls just wanna Have Fun
  • Sweet Child of mine
  • Material Girl
  • Voices Carry
  • Cruel Summer
  • No Roots
  • Lucky Star

A Flashback In Time⌚of Me As A Child & My Daughter As A Baby:

Me !

Mommy ♡ Daughter ♡ Yoga

The fun we had doing these yoga poses together, just brought so much laughter and smiles to us both! We really enjoyed it alot (the best part is it’s so Healthy for us! ) So it’s a win-win!

Here are the Yoga Poses We Did:

  • The Cobra
  • The Pretty Swan
  • The colorful Peacock
  • The Balancing Butterfly
  • The Tall Table
  • The Oh So Curious Otter
  • The Terrific Triangle
  • The Unique Uniform
  • The Fancy Fish

Fun! ♡ We each decided to pick something fun that we could do together for Our Mommy -Daughter Day!

Mom’s Pick: I chose to play a classic game of Candyland and Twister! We both had a really had fun time playing these Classic games!

My Daughter’s Pick: My daughter chose to play an online game in an App she has on her tablet. I had to download my own App onto my tablet so I could be in the same “world or game with her”. We played a Horse Game, a Fun Fashion game and Dance one from this App. I actually had alot of fun! We voted on fashion, made our own styles and dresses in Fashion Famous and she was very proud to show me things “MOM” didn’t know. Lol I highly recommend trying these games with your kids!:)

I actually had alot of fun! We voted on fashion, made our own styles and dresses in Fashion Famous and she was very proud to show me things “MOM” didn’t know. Lol I highly recommend trying these games with your kids!:)

Here Is A Little (Very Easy And Inexpensive) DIY Game

It’s really fun and educational at the same time! I use this game sometimes for a fun way to get my daughter to read and make small words and sound out letters, as she is starting to read in school now. So here is a little game we play that you may enjoy also. We just call it

Fast Words Game


First, Shuffle the deck thoroughly.

Then,Put all cards into one pile.

Next, Draw 8 ( alittle harder game) or 10 (easier) cards and lay them out in front of 2 players.

Then set a timer, (we use our Alexa to set timer but you can use any timer) for 1 minute (or 2 minutes to be a little easier). Race against the other player to see how many words you can spell until timer goes off.

If you draw a blank card,it’s wild and can be used for any letter u want. If for some reason the cards can’t make any words, just put those back in deck and re pick 8 or 10 more cards.

(I know it sounds like the regular Scrabble LOL but I promise it’s not, it is similar but is definitely different)

All u Need :

  • A deck card game SCRABBLE
  • A flat surface (wide enough area to make many different words big or small.

Another little reading game we do is in the grocery store, She tries to read the labels off of her favorite foods. She really likes doing that, She likes to see how many words she can read until we get to the checkout so it’s like a little race lol

It’s just something to encourage her wanting to read & learn by having fun doing it. Sometimes just feeling proud, to show you they did something is all the reinforcment needed and every parent does that anyways I hope! 🙂

Try these if you want, it’s pretty fun for both child & Parent:)

☆ A Smoothie ☆



  • 1 1/2 cups of vanilla yogurt
  • 2 cups of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 2 cups of strawberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 slightly over ripe – banana mashed
  • 1 1/2 cups of crushed ice
  • 1 cup of pineapple juice
  • Optional (a splash of ginger ale or sprite )

Then you put all ingredients into a blender and blend on low speed until completely blended and serve 🙂 Yummy!!

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I stands for Introverted.

N stands for Intuition.

F stands for Feeling

J stands for Judgment.


I found out that I was an INFJ a few years back in college, during one of my psychology classes. My teacher who was a recently retired Psychologist as well as a psych teacer, told us about the MEYERS- BRIGGS PERSONALITY TYPE TEST. That there are 16 different personality types in this MYERS- BRIGGS INDICATION TEST, which uses a tool called an MBTI indicator to find accurate information on personality types of individuals who take the test.


  • It is a questionnaire style test that will indicate the psychological differences on how individuals see the world in their own personal perspective as who they actually are personality-wise.
  • It is also called MBTI for short.
  • Experiences of us individually and the ways we see these unique experiences is measured.
  • It measures from in our individual needs & wants, our beliefs & values we hold, interests we may have and even what may motivate us individually.

Which personality type is the rarest?

Yup! You guessed it! If you thought INFJ is the rarest type then you are right, from my knowledge I learned in class (it may not be perfectly fresh in my head but it is still pretty accurate, don’t worry I looked back at my old papers from class lol ) Thank goodness I kept all of them shooooo 😉 But, back to rarest personality type, Yes It is INFJ and how rare is it?? Well, quite rare! Only 1-3 % of individuals have this personality type.

The 16 Different Myers Briggs Personality Types:






There are many different sites out there but some can cost up to $49 to complete which is very costly, especially if you are taking this for fun but I found one that is accurate and will not cost you anything!

You can go to http://www.16personalities.com to take the assessment. It has about 93 questions and I took this test in about 11 minutes.

My test results were INFJ :Advocate. I found out that it is very rare, only about 1% of population is this type! Here’s what mine looked like so you can see an example. So, it’s pretty nice because you can have the results emailed to you or read results on site.

I hope you all enjoyed my blog on INFJ’S and the Myer-Briggs personalities. I have many more blogs so check out all my blogs!

All I Really Want Is Something Beautiful To Say….

All I really want is something beautiful to say

Author : Amber💄👡

January 27,2019


Hey Everyone!! I am so excited to be doing my very first blog!!! 🙂 Yay!!! I would first like to start by telling you a bit about who I am so you can get to know me better. I ABSOLUTELY love being outdoors, hiking, shopping, running, and spending time with my family. I have been told I am a bit attitude, a bit humor, a bit of a spitfire, a loving Mom, trusting & loyal friend, a Big sister and a Lil Sister, Its kind of weird but I do my best thinking with my music on lol I play guitar because it is something me & my dad did together not because I am any good at it lol😮 but I do really enjoy it just for fun!

I ♡ to dance on saturday mornings as it puts you in a great mood, and is amazing cardio as well as great bonding with my little ones:). I guess i should also add that I am a bit of a dreamer… (as my mom’s always says) Lol and I am a bit..(ok alot…OCD! I am a good listener and am compassionate with things I do but that’s just my “outlook on my personality really… lol So I will just let you be the judge of that😉 so here is my very first blog to you. I really hope you enjoy it!!

So, Now that you heard all of that on my personality, some of my hobbies &interests, I’d also like to say again that I am so excited to be able to share my life with all of you with my blogs and share my favorite shopping finds, fashion trends, DIY projects for the creative one to make life just a little bit easier, share some ups and downs, and how I overcame them, things Im still struggling with and tips i can share to help others who may experience the same. I will have so many different topics and items to see so, it should be a very fun place here,on my blog site:) I really hope you all enjoy it and can relate to a lot of the topics at times too!

For my first blog being an introduction from me to you…I guess I will do some more introducing this time on my Me & my family. I have 3 amazing children. They really are my whole world!!! Children are what give us strengths and challenge us everyday because we all know….at times our own children can really be a handful! Lol I mean really more like.. two hundred handfuls on some hectic days!! But every moment we share with our families are the things we cherish most in life each day and it helps us stay strong and get through life and make all that stress from the day just fade away.

Amongst, our little family, we have a 12 year old, beautiful but a little sassy sometimes😁…. a siamese cat Bella. She loves sleeping alot!!!! Lol but really does make our family complete.

Our ♡♡♡ Bella

I will have her in some of my future blog posts as well so you can see some of her goofiness too…..whenever she’s not lounging in her favorite chair or sleeping.😉

Bella Loves to roll around in the sun on our porch

My Career as a Behavioral Therapist

Besides blogging at night my career by day is I am a Behavioral Therapist working with an amazing group of children on the autism spectrum. I absolutely would never want it any other way! I love how much light they bring me no matter how cloudy the day may be on the way to work. They light up my whole world and I feel so lucky to be able to help them grow and learn to communicate effectively as they grow into adults and become happy thriving individuals. It is such a good feeling knowing I am helping these children toward having a happy and healthy so they can have every opportunity we do and be confident in their lives as they should be.

What does a Behavioral Therapist or Technician do?

  • Provides front line treatment to clients ranging from ages 2-21 on the core deficit areas of Autism Spectrum Disorders like
  • Language
  • Comunication
  • Social Skills
  • Self help Skills
  • Other developmental abilities

Some Facts From A Behavioral Therapist✔ :

I use a variety of techniques and some ABA therapy treatments are implemented into each individualized clients plan so they get the absolute best overall care and support from our staff of technicians each & every day! I will be talking more on what this means in future posts, as it is so important in behaviorial Therapy.

My Country Home in WI.


Here is some information about where I was raised and a really where I currently live. We live in the Northern part of Wisconsin, up in the area of Mountainous & higher elevation, waterfall territory our winters are extremely severe and cold between January and February and the past few days have been so bitter cold…I’m talking in the -negative digits ya’ll!!! (psst are you getting cold just reading this??)…… Brrrrrrrr! Lol I’M sure some places do get much colder but the negatives for us is pretty cold! It is STAY inside and don’t leave your bad weather with digits like that! 😬 So I’m really looking forward to winter ending as I miss being outdoors as we have been stuck indoors due to the cold advisory.

Our backyard, soooooo cold! The playhouse of my daughter’s showing
It’s got a winter coat of White

Why The Desicion To Blog✒…

Well, for all of you wondering why I decided to start blogging, I always loved writing, poetry, won awards in school as a young child for writing projects in districts and have always had alot of passion towards writing and my words. I always had kept a journal & diary as a child and it always was a great way to express my words, feelings, and myself….to myself and let out all kinds of emotions I held inside so blogging seemed like a way to become more helpful to express and share this with the world…even though pretty scary to me in a way, I really enjoy helping others and meeting new people with the same interests. I can’t wait to begin this journey!

Now that I’m done with that (hopefully that was not too boring and lengthy of an introduction) lol..we are on to the good stuff that is coming up in my next blogs!!😄

Here are topics that will be on my next blog and DIY TRYS that will be on next blog as well. There will be 4 very interesting and exciting blogs to come so please follow along if you want.

Calendar of Upcoming Blogs

●👑MOMMY & DAUGHTER DAY👑 this will have a list of our favorite yoga poses we do together, fun shake recipes we love, fun ideas we share to do together & much more!👒

●❄BABY, IT’S NOT JUST COLD OUTSIDE… it’s Freezing!!!: Fun Things to do inside when it’s too cold to go outside with the Fam.❄

●A PERSONAL STORY OF LOSS : I will share a very personal life altering loss I had in my own life and self help tips to help others cope with a devestating loss. Talks of depression & PTSD.

A DIY “TRY”: ✂🔨🔧This is a DIY project I will try & will show you all how with step to step guide and what u need, end results of it & what I thought. Also how much materials cost so you can decide if it is worth trying it Yourself 🙂

So now that you know alittle bit more bout me, my Family & my blog, I hope you will continue to follow along with me through this blog, on my journey, as a friend & I hope you will comment on anything you would be interested in seeing more of in my future blogs or let me know of any DIY project ideas or topics you would like me to try or would like to be seen done, to save you time because I LOVE doing DIY projects of ALL kinds and really enjoy the feedback!!!

From us to you…. Thank you!!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to give my advice and share my stories with you all!! 😊

A Little Inspiration From Me To You:

I believe everyone deserves a chance to shine and has a place that sparkles as bright as the stars in the sky and if we all continue to support each others strengths, keep love in our hearts, and peace among us we will all share in each other’s dreams coming true and make the impossible possible!

I don’t want to at all fit in, I want to stand out… and I only want something Beautiful to Say.